Steam Boilers - Solid Fuel Fired - Alfa Combipac


The strong and compact ALFA ENTECH BOILER is manufactured with Water cum Smoke Tube design that makes it doubly advantageous. It provides a water-cooled furnace which is paneled to prevent heat loss. The tall shape of the furnace provides sufficient residence time for complete combustion of fines & volatiles and reduces the carry over. The vertical configuration of evaporative tubes enables better circulation of steam. A boiler quality strip provided in between the water wall tubes makes the furnaces leak-proof The large sized drum makes available greater steam-water interface area thus ensuring Dry Steam.


  • Optimum thermal efficiency due to higher combustion volume & large grate area.
  • Minimal radiation losses due to water membrane wall mounted on furnace.
  • Minimum maintenance required due to less refractory work.
  • Better response to fluctuating steam load as large water & steam holding capacity.
  • Dry steam due to large steam to water interface area.


Coal, lignite, wood and all type of agro waste.


  • Manual firing
  • FBC - Over bed feeding
  • FBC - Under bed feeding
  • Pneumatic firing
  • Dumping grate
  • Pulsating grate
  • Reciprocating grate
  • Travelling grate
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